Bulls are experts in harvesting the $BERRY. They believe in hard work and are disciplined. Most of the $BERRY produced in Funkyland is all thanks to bulls. But the bears are the reason why the bulls are not as berry-rich as their hard work should have made them.

Bulls stake themselves in the farm and harvest $BERRY tokens, while bears tax bulls outrageously. The actions bulls can do in FunkyLand are given in detail below.


Farm (Stake)

Bulls can earn BERRY token by staking themselves in Farm of Funkyland.

No Risk


Bulls can get out of the farm

There's 5% chance that bear can kidnap the bull while getting out the farm

Harvest (Claim Rewards)

This will not unstake the bulls from farm, but claim the rewards the bulls have earned everyday

Bulls get only 80% of the total reward they earned while bears tax 20%

Claim (Claim the purified BERRY)

The harvested reward is stored in Barrel for purification, After certain period BERRY can be claimed.

If Claimed earlier than the unlock date, the releaseable amount can be claimed but remaining are set to burn

The Rewards are discussed in detail in Berrynomics

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