🟤Welcome to FUNKYLAND!

Welcome to FunkyLand, the ultimate play-to-earn NFT game! Rule the game as the superior bears or join the hardworking bulls. Let the funky adventures begin.

FunkyLand is a tournament-style, Play-to-Own blockchain-enabled game with Player Versus Player (PvP) mechanics! Centered around unique NFTs, our FUNKIES, players can explore the endless expanse of FunkyLand. Earn $BERRY by keeping the BULLS AND BEARS in the farm.

We hope that the community will fall in love with our FUNKIES and work together with us on building the FunkyLand community and a truly revolutionary Metaverse that is owned by the players themselves. Explore this hub, and if you still have questions, chat with other Bullionaires and Bearlord on our discord

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