Farm Mill

$BERRY is wild and rare in Funky Land. Everyone relies upon it and is behind it. Since $BERRY grows twice a year it becomes necessary to store it with the goal that you can utilize them brilliantly and there will be no abuse of it.

Farm Mill is the place where all your Funky Barrels are stored

The Barrel stores all your $BERRY so that you can use it for other seasons. If you claim the $BERRY token, the token is taken from the Farm to the Farm Mill to purify it. $BERRY sent to the Farm Mill will be stored in a Funky Barrel, each a unique entry marked with the following information:

Claim Date: The date you harvested your $BERRY the from Farm and reached Barrel Capacity

BERRY Balance: The total amount of claimed BERRY in the Barrel

Pure BERRY Balance: Amount of $BERRY you released from Barrel

Purity Progress: Progress made on Purifying your $BERRY

Unlock Date: Date to unlock the locked $BERRY

Barrel Limit: The capacity of the barrel to store the BERRY

A small amount of BERRY in the Barrel will be released every day.

However, if a player claims the purified berry before the unlock date, players will only get the BERRY released till that day, other remaining BERRY will be set to burn

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