At Farm


Welcome To The Farm Funkies,

At the farm, Funkies get ready to get their share of the Berry. Whether it is by working hard to harvest or by taxing.

Here, the player stakes their Funkies to start working on the farm.

For Bulls, working on the farm means they have to work really hard to harvest the berries. All Bulls have Harvesting Power. Here Harvesting power is the daily reward the bull will get. This will be further discussed in Berrynomics

For Bears, working on the farm means they get to sit around, watch bulls work their bones off, and snatch(tax) their $BERRY unfairly with their stealing powers.

When the bulls are not on the farm, they can be enslaved(kidnapped) by the bears. The bears can then put the bulls to work however they prefer.

FamilyPowersMax Amount

Gen 1: Farmers

Harvesting Power(Bulls): 70 per day Taxing power (Bears): x


Gen 2:Farmers

Harvesting Power(Bulls): 150 per day Taxing power (Bears): 2x


Gen 3:Farmers

Harvesting Power (Bulls):250 per day Taxing power (Bears):3x


Gen 4:Farmers

Harvesting Power (Bulls): 500 per day Taxing power (Bears): 4x


Gen 5:Farmers

Harvesting Power (Bulls): 1000 per day Taxing power (Bears): 5x


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