Bears are foxy and rely on bulls for their living. They tax BERRY from the Bull's harvest. They even enslave the bulls who try to run away from the farm(Unstake). Even though, bears are richer than bulls, they are divided into classes. This divide is gonna be their downfall in the upcoming war with bulls. The classes are known in Funkyland as

  • Funky Sluggers - The poorest bears, sleeps and drink all day, they have no purpose for their life.

  • Lone Wolves - They are better off than the Funky Sluggers, but they cannot make it far because they don't have connections.

  • Ninja Bear - They are the top-tier bears, They are 1% of the Funky Land.

Number of bears in each class


Funky Sluggers


Lone Bears


Ninja Bear



Farm (Stake)

Bears can earn BERRY tokens by staking themselves in Farm of Funkyland.

No Risk


Bears can get out of the farm with no risk

No Risk

Harvest (Claim Rewards)

This will not unstake the Bears from farm, but claim the rewards the Bears have earned everyday

No Risk

The 20% tax from all the bulls are collected in a pool and distributed evenly between the bears in the farm

Claim (Claim the purified BERRY)

The harvested reward is stored in Barrel for purification, After certain period BERRY can be claimed.

If Claimed earlier than the unlock date, the releasable amount can be claimed but the remaining are set to burn

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