Chapter 1: Farming Era

The outbreak of the Funky Virus led to the mass fleeing of humans from the Funkyland. They not only left their land, but they also left Funky eggs behind. From them, a new species of intelligent bulls and bears hatched out. These species adapted and evolved through different difficulties after being left by humans. They were invulnerable to the plague. Thus, A NEW CIVILIZATION WAS BORN.

Funkyland was a $BERRY-rich paradise. $BERRY is one thing that united these two economically unequal classes. Bulls were the manpower for all the harvest in the Funkyland. But they could never taste the fruit of their hard work due to the high tax rate imposed by the bears. The taxes the bear imposed on the bulls were taking a huge toll on the bulls. After millennia of outrageous tax imposition, bulls had enough. Thus Funkyland was on the verge of a Civil War.

Our story is set in the prosperous Year of Funkyland before the rebellion of the bulls began. So, there's a race between everyone in Funkyland to collect as much berry as they can before the war begins. So get ready to collect as much berry as possible in the Farming Era of Funkyland.

Chapter 1 of the Funky Land will consist of two main Characters ( Gen 1: Farmers) : Bulls and Bears.

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