Future Chapters

Chapters are the timeline phases marked by a powerful shift of events in Funkyland. Each chapter has its own story, its own hero, and its own villain but there are also a few crossover episodes.

Each chapter has its own main mission. Apart from the main mission, there will be side missions where Funkies can collect precious assets.

Rebellion era

After the Farming Era, the bulls finally REBEL against the bears. COMING SOON!

The Age of Discovery

After the rebellions of the bulls, the Funkyland is a better place for the bulls to live in. But a new character has DISCOVERed with Funkyland. Humans...... COMING SOON!

War of the Metaverse

Humans and Funkies dont see eye to eye. Thus, a WAR between them is brewing. COMING SOON!


Humans and funkies have finally come to PEACE and live in harmony. COMING SOON!

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