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Hatch FunkyEggs

If you are one of the funky egg holder then this is for you.

How are Funky Eggs going to be used in further generations?

Funky Eggs can be used to hatch any of the future generations.
One funky Egg= One Future generation NFT
But it is only free of cost for the Generation 1 Farmer. For Generations other than the farmers, the funky egg holder will have to pay a certain fee as the number of future generations number decreases from its former generation. The fee structure for each generation is given below
Generation 1
1 Funky Egg
100 %
Generation 2
1 Funky Egg
50 %
Generation 3
1 Funky Egg
40 %
Generation 4
1 Funky Egg
30 %
Generation 5
1 Funky Eggs
20 %
The fees will be paid by the tokens of Funkyland. Further information will be provided regarding this.
The hatching of the funky eggs should be done in the first 2 weeks of the beginning of the minting of the different generations. The hatching will be paused after 2 weeks every minting pahse